I work with artists to help create inspiring live shows, across all sizes and budgets.

Artists often fall short in their live show for one of two reasons:

1) A lack of technical experience in recreating studio productions live, leading to shows which don't do justice to the sound of the record.

2) A lack of creative confidence and ambition, leading to slick shows which "sound like the record" but ultimately feel uninspiring.

I help artists to work through these barriers to create genuinely moving live shows.


Recent projects:
Alma | Låpsley | The Big Moon | Biig Piig | Aquilo | IDER | Self Esteem | Declan J Donovan | Winnie Raeder | Sody | Blithe | Phoebe Green | Whyte Horses | Moli | Conner Youngblood | Haux

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